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Since our doors opened in 1898 in England, Arkansas, Bank of England has been providing down home exceptional service. Along with powerful nationwide mortgage loans, we offer clients peace of mind knowing they are working with a credible national mortgage banker. Our success is due primarily to the talent of our people and access to hundreds of mortgage products at our industry's best pricing. Our management team has a combined 150 years of mortgage experience and is actively involved as members and board members on local, state and national mortgage broker and banker associations.

Building on that foundation, we have grown to a company of more than 1000 employees with branches in over 45 states. We have 141 locations nationwide to serve your mortgage needs.

We understand you're making a commitment in buying a new home, refinancing or cashing out the equity in your home. You can be certain that we will do our utmost to answer all of your questions so you can be confident that you have the best rate to fit your personal needs. Our mortgage professionals are standing by ready to give you the personal attention you deserve and treat you with the respect due a valued customer.

Bank of England Mortgage Denver, has proudly served our community since 2010. From our culture to mission it’s truly more than loans, it’s people.

Meet the Team

Area Manager

David Ricketts

NMLS: 7353

Mortgage Bankers

Gregg Archuleta

NMLS: 1254005

Julie Buchanan

NMLS: 114113

Michael Donegan

NMLS: 7523

Dan Filipi

NMLS: 253782

Brad Gale

NMLS: 266902

Kendra Hass

NMLS: 62202

Chace Holland

NMLS: 135955

Jason Keever

NMLS: 1737484

Ron Meier

NMLS: 1371657

Leonard Jack Moravitz

NMLS: 7802

Daniel “Danny” James Rozenblum

NMLS: 700421

Victor Sena

NMLS: 1784208

Chris Zadra

NMLS: 257763

Todd Josue

NMLS: 1759710

Support Team

Shelly Ashley

NMLS: 1203703

Shannon Cardwell

Joseph Carrico

NMLS: 1273312

Emilia Holman

NMLS: 1309159

Amanda MacTaggart

Kimberly Pfeifer

Tiffany Ressetar

NMLS: 1099070

Rachel Rogers

NMLS: 1306207

Jennifer Smith

NMLS: 842478

Mariah Sweeney

NMLS: 1543072

Sian Hendriksen

Alejandro Jimenez

NMLS: 1611795

Corey Shapiro

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